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Meaning of Easter: Exodus from Egypt, the crucifixion of Jesus or the Easter Bunny


What does Easter mean?
Passed the Passover and I saw the Ten Commandments and the Apocalypse on RecordTV (Brazilian television). That made me think, does not that send a clear message to the Brazilians and the world?
Many people buy Easter eggs without knowing the actual origin of Easter and teaching their children. The children of Israelites are very well taught about the meaning of Easter. This is important? YES, we have spoken of salvation from sin and obtain eternal life or not after death.
The episode of putting blood on the doorposts before the exodus from Egypt of the Israelites was impressive. This protected against the angel of death and prevented the angel of death from slaying the firstborn. The king of Egypt was warned what would happen if he did not let the Israelites go. Yet he continued to trust his gods. Gods of wood and gold made by man himself. Although not protected against former plagues, he continues to trust his gods. A man called Jori (in the Ten Commandments film) has the will to seek protection with the Israelites, but he obeys the king and does not leave the palace. Consequently he dies. While other Egyptians seek protection together with the Israelites, and save their firstborn. The cry of the Egyptians was great when the angel of death killed the firstborn of Egypt.
What lesson is it to us, heathen and faithful? MUCH. The world has the Bible, the internet, these Ten Commandments and Apocalypse movies, few have no access, but most of the world has access to know about salvation and Jesus Christ. Many signs indicate that the rapture is near. But people really like world life with their demons and wealth. Without neighbor's love, man is very selfish. People do not seek God, they think that there is no life after death. Scientists seek to increase life because man would like to live longer. While the answer is that each person has eternal life, but the question is where after death? In heaven or the lake of fire? This place is decided by each person, which was shown very clearly in this episode of Ten Commandment. The king and Jori chose wrong, and the firstborn of king and Jori (who was also firstborn) died. Similar to the people who go to the lake of fire (eternal death). They who put the blood on the doorposts, were saved. Similar to people who go to Heaven (eternal life).

This episode impressed me a lot. Each person has a choice. God gives us the Bible, these movies, the internet with the free Bible and Bible commentaries. Almost no one has an excuse to say DOES NOT KNOW. Every person needs to decide. The Egyptians wept aloud. The unbeliever will weep loudly in the lake of fire.
In this film the king had 15 days of thinking, the Egyptians had time to choose. Today may be the end of your life, death or rapture of Christ. You already chose, you know where you are going? This is not a joke! It is your life after death!

The other story is of Revelation. There were two scientists. One of them did not I wish to believe the Bible. He knows everything about the universe, even though the intelligence robot was unable to disapprove of the Bible, he did not want to believe.
Many scientists are like that, they are blind. Believe in a BIG BANG (big explosion). Because God needs has an origin. But also the Big Bang needs material to explode, so that too an origin. The theory of evolution also needs an origin, a cell.
Dr. Werner von Braun believes in Jesus Christ, he said that the universe followed many laws. Therefore it is impossible that God does NOT exist. These laws must be from God!
Unlike the other scientist, who wants to seek answers. In the end he accepts Jesus Christ as Saviour.
Each person receives a choice, yes a person needs time to investigate. But the life after death is not a few years (maximum one hundred years), we are talking about eternal (billions of years)! Make your decision before it's too late!

The exodus from Egypt of the Israelites is still celebrated after 4,000 years. This exodus happened 2000 years before the birth of Jesus. Today Christians celebrate the Passover, 2000 years after the birth of Jesus.

What does Easter mean to Christians?

They celebrate that Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of man. Each person sins, the Ten Commandments clearly indicate that we humans are not able to live according to the commandments of God. Equally a thief receives punishment, that is, imprisonment; each person is under the punishment of sin: death and then death the life in the lake of fire. Equally another person can take the place of thief, so that he goes in jail instead of thief. Jesus took the punishment of sin on Himself on the cross for one who wants to believe in His salvation. And get eternal life in Heaven.
Jesus died a terrible death (which was shown in the film Passion of Christ), but God the Father was raised from the dead on the third day. Jesus Christ defeated death and gives eternal life in Heaven for every person who wants to believe in Him. This third day is Easter. Thus Christians celebrate with Easter that Jesus Christ was resurrected and triumphed over death.

If you want to know more about Jesus (life, death and resurrection), read the Bible study of Matthew.