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Spiritual Life:

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Spiritual Life
Spiritual Life

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The position of a married woman (1 Corinthians 11:3)

But I (Paul) want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a woman is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.

Spiritual Life

Ephesians 5:22-30, 33

What does this mean?

We could say, but those are Paul's words and they are two thousand years ago, so ancient and no longer applicable to out modern society, in which women as equal rights as men. No, I do not think so.
Paul's words are inspired by the Holy Spirit and therefore they are not Paul's words, but the Words of God! Still is valid that God is the head of Christ and also that Christ is the head of men. Why all over the sudden shall no longer be valid, that the head of the wife, is the husband? God orders too, to love is wife as himself, and to caress and treat her gently. In Ephesians 5, clearly God's Will is explained.

Ephesians 5

Pay very well attention, here in this chapter is not spoken about Jesus, Who lived two thousand years ago. No, here the Bible speaks about CHRIST, the LIVING GOD in Heaven. The CHRIST Who rules from Heaven. The Christ, Who conquered death, is risen from the death and now is seated upon the right side of God, from where He reigns until He comes to collect His parish. Christ is the Head of his church (all who believe that Jesus Christ died for his / her sins at the Cross of Golgotha and who recognizes Him as Lord).
He maintains and nourish His Body, because in every believer (after being born-again) lives the Holy Spirit, who wishes to guide the believer, if the believer allows the Holy Spirit to work in the life of the believer.

Christ loves his church and have given Himself up for her. How? First Christ has laid done His life for his Bride (the church) and died for the sins of His Bride at the Cross. That was a tremendous sacrifice. In this way, Christ cleansed His Bride (His church) through His blood, in order to present His Bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, to God the Father.

The husband must love his wife in such a similar way, and to feed and to nourish her as if it were his own body. So with all respect. No man will strike himself, so do not ill-treat your wife, no assault, no rape. He respects her when she says NO to him. But like Christ teaches the church in the things of God, so man teaches his wife and children in the Lord and Christian teaching. Even today is valid that the husband is the head of the wife, like Christ is the head of the husband (man).
The wife must recognize the authority of her husband (unless this is godlessness and God blasphemy, etc.). The husband has the final word, but that is only possible when he acknowledge himself that Christ is his Head, and he can only guide his wife from within God's law.
So, husband must consult subjects with her, and that might mean that the husband must set aside his own desires and gives the wife what she wishes (providing that it is not sinful (licentious, godlessness, etc.)), for he must love her in the same way as Christ has given Himself up for His church.

Let it be clear from this how the authorities are regulated. The man under Christ as his Head, has still a free choice, but with obligations and rights accordingly to Biblical standards. Also the wife has still a free will, with too rights and duties, which via man are going to Christ as Head. The husband therefore carries a heavy responsibility to take care that his wife is living accordingly to Christ's Will. And he must account for his wife and children's behaviour to Christ as his Head!
Which does not take away, that every individual believer must account for his / her own deeds to Christ Himself! One day, each works will be revealed and Christ will judge the believer (1 Corinthians 3:11-17 and Revelation).

Tóc dài (1 Cô-rinh-tô 11:14)

This clearly shows that God wishes a clear distinction in appearance between man and woman. Man dresses as man, and the woman dresses like a woman. It is not God's intention that man bears earrings and have long hair like it benefits a woman.

Đời sống tâm linh

Galatians 5:13-26

What does this mean?

Someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as his / her Saviour, cannot continue life as a sinner and so also not the works of the flesh.
The believer received the Holy Spirit to do the works of the Holy Spirit!
The sinful people (unbelievers) must be able to recognize a change and that the believer is different from unbelievers. How?
Through the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
And unfortunately, daily the believers stumble, because the believer still possesses a sinful body, but there is consolation, the Holy Spirit lives inside the believer and the Holy Spirit will act so that the believer is capable to do good works (if the believer allows the Holy Spirit to work, and continuously confess his / her sins when he / she fails or stumbles).
Life of a believer does not go roses, but is a road full of thorns. God tests the heart of the believer, if his / her heart is sincere (look to Job and David). In Matthew 22:36-39, God even orders to love God. That has a reason and course. It is not simple and easy to love God as yourself. Satan and his followers do everything to seduce the believer and to have the believer stumbled, so that they can point at: See, how that believer lives.
Do not give into the works of flesh. When the believer stumbles, the believer can confess his / her sins with Jesus Christ and ask the Lord to help him / her in the future. Don't despair if you stumbles over and over again, the believer stays in a sinful body until the Coming of Christ (or until death).

But don't forget, the Lord Jesus Christ expects a spiritual way of living, a life through the Holy Spirit, showing the fruits (works) of the Holy Spirit!

Kết hôn

Matthew 19:3-11

What does this mean?

Mother and childThe believer, who finds him- herself called into God's service, it might be best to stay alone, because then they are capable to dedicate him- herself fully to God's service without the worries (love and devotion to the wife and caring of children) of marriage.

BUT when there is a strong need for sexual intercourse and need for (love and support of) a wife, than it is better to marry. It is not the intention that the believer catches the pitfalls of Satan of fornication, so that unbelievers can speak evil of the serviceman or proclaimed of the gospel.

In paradise, God saw that it was no good for Adam to stay alone. And God gave Eve as his wife to Adam. Everyone must determine for him- herself what is best (during a certain life phase) and what the Lord wishes for him or her to stay alone or get married.

BUT a believer is allowed only to marry a believer and NEVER with an unbeliever.

An unbeliever is also he or she who worships another religion (Like Islam, Buddhism, Mormons, etc.). The believer, who wishes for a husband or wife, shall seek in prayer to God's Will for his or her life and for guidance. A husband or wife is a gift from God, which unfortunately is not granted to each of us. Either since it is not the Will of God, either since the believer has freely promised it to God, either the Lord has another reason or purpose, or either because the believer is not suitable for marriage. Every person seeks the Will of God for his or her life.

Father and childMarriage should not be taken frivolous!
The believer must be guided by the Lord towards the correct partner. It is of utmost importance to enter hastily into marriage, since it is for the rest of your life. With God, divorce is out of the question and no room for living together. As soon as the man and woman have left their elderly home and have (sexual) intercourse, from that moment onwards they are marries (husband and wife)!

God clearly states: what God has jointed together, no man shall separate (Mark 10:9). In itself that is not so strange, since God has gifted to the man a wife, and gifted to the woman a husband. So in ups and downs, since the Lord has with everything a purpose, towards holiness and sanctifying of the believers.
But what now, if one is divorced? First of all, God Himself gives an answer, in case of fornication (adultery) it is allowed to marry, but remember forgiveness is also possible. Who is without sin, throw the first stone. So forgiveness for the adulterous is possible and to stay together.
In other cases, it is NOT allowed. When a wife (or husband) is beaten or maltreated, she may leave the husband (or he may leave his wife), but is NOT allowed to marry again.
Personally I think it is possible to ask forgiveness of sins and to marry again, but ONLY if the Lord gives His permission and gifted you a new partner. However, do not take it very lightly.
One must not be frivolous about divorce. At all times, first through praying, using (heavily) marriage counselling (by fellow believers, priest, Sermoner, professional Christian help) one must try to restore the marriage. God's command is to love one another as yourself. If despite all praying to God, all help, talking together, the problems cannot be solved, then it is best to stay alone.

Only in those cases, due to the sanctification (your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit), then you must seek the Will of God and forgiveness, if you are allowed to marry again.
Every one for him- herself must find God's Will and way in that matter!

Phục sinh

Matthew 22:23-30 Mark 12:18-27 Luke 20:27-40

What does this mean?

After death, the human body returns to dust again. And what happens then is not clearly told in the New Testimony. What happens with the persons from the Old Testimony, Jesus tells in Luke 16:19-31. But if this is applicable to believers in the New Testimony age, it is not clear (see section: Heaven).

It should be plain, that the believer does not receive an earthy body again. Some theologians stated, that the believer only gets a spiritual body again, without a frame. Personally, we see no Biblical reason. In Luke 16:19-31 Lazarus and the rich man could clearly see one another. Also angels are visible (as soon as God sees a reason for it), among others the angels Gabriel appeared to Daniel (Daniel 8:15-16) and to the priest Zacharias (Luke 1:18-19). Also angels appeared to the apostles: Acts 5:19; 8:26; 10:3, 7; 12:7, 8.
Also the disciples finally recognized Jesus Christ in His resurrected body (John 20 and 21).At the coming of Christ, those believers who are already asleep in Christ, and the believers who are still alive, shall in a Indivisible moment, receive another body, namely a heavenly one, like angels. With this body, the believers will stay in Heaven for eternal life.

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:40: there are celestial bodies, and earthly bodies; and in verse 44; a physical body is sown, spiritual body will be raised. From this I conclude that not only do we live with a spirit, but as the Lord Jesus Christ receives a body in our eternal life.

Daniel 8:15-16

What does it mean?

From above it will be clear, that it is a command of the Lord Jesus Christ to be baptized after one is born-again (accepted Jesus Christ as the Person Who died for your sins at the Cross of Golgotha).

There is no difference in faith. There is no difference between a (Roman) Catholic, Reformed, Presbyterian, or what Christian faith whatsoever. Every believer is one in Jesus Christ. There should be a twofold in the churches, but unity within the Christian churches. All Christian churches ought to Sermon the gospel, the salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to receive forgiveness of sins, and to reconcile with God the Father. And ONLY through Jesus Christ, one is able to enter the Kingdom of God, Heaven.

So, not be good works, not by Buddhism, not by Islam, and not through meditation (yoga)!!!

Both men and women ought to be christened, also here is no differentiation!
But, the christening is very personal. The christening occurs AFTER the person has accept Jesus Christ as his/her personal Saviour. It is an individual, personal matter! No child christening, since a baby has no awareness of sins. First the awareness of sins must be present. And just then after the recognition of that one is a sinner and that only through believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour one can enter the Kingdom of God. And have community with God the Father, only just then a person can be baptized.

Is child christening then wrong?

No, strictly speaking not, since children of Christian parents are consecrated (holy 1 Corinthians 7:14). But, the child ought to be raised by the parents in the Christian faith and come him / herself to accept Jesus Christ as his / her Saviour. And that must be confirmed by adult baptism.

Bệnh tật và sự chữa lành

Since we are living in a sinful world, sickness is part of life, like flu, a cold, cancer, etc. And in this society, also accidents at work and in traffic happen, which can cause permanent disability. Also the apostle Paul was not spared from sickness (Galatians 4:13).

When we meet with a severe sickness and disability, we may (and must) always pray to God (John 16:24 in My Name=accordingly to Jesus Christ's Will, Luke 11:9-13). But curing is not always the Will of God, sometimes He uses suffering to chastise us and to check our faith. In other cases, He uses the illness to help other people, look to Joni Eareckson (Book Joni ISBN 9063187017). At the age of 17, Joni got paralyzed from her neck. Despite that the parish prayed for her healing, she did not cure. But the Lord used her worldwide, to Sermon the gospel from her wheelchair, and to assist the disabled.

Sometimes a sin stands in the way for healing, and then the sinner must examine him- herself and asked the Lord to reveal if a sin is in the way of healing and which sin. But only the believer can determine and in praying to the Lord Jesus Christ if a certain sin prevent healing. If not, then usually it is an ordinary sickness / disability which must run out its course, or the Lord wishes us to life with.

Why are sick people dying?

With the fall of man, death entered the world. So we must not wonder about death. Sometimes the Lord prevents us from dying, sometimes to give a second chance to the unbeliever to accept Jesus Christ as his / her Saviour. This regularly occurs when a group of Christians is praying for the salvation of the person. On the other side, a believer might die when it is Gods Will to spare the believer for long suffering when an illness is very severe. Of course, this brings up a serious sorrow of those who stay behind, but the believers might find comfort that the dead person (died in the Lord Jesus Christ) is in Heaven and spared for (any more) suffering.

Medicaments and doctors?

DoctorGod has given talents (gifts) to each of us, He also gave wisdom to doctors to heal the sick. So it is not incorrect to visit a (family) doctor and to take medicines. BUT we as Christians may never forget the source: GOD.
First we need to ask for His healing and continue to pray for His healing.
God uses doctors, surgeons, physiotherapy and medicines and remedies from nature (but NOT homeopathy and acupuncture) and in a very special occasion, the Lord Himself heals directly without intervention of a doctor (especially in third-world countries). However our sight should also focus to the Lord Jesus Christ and from Him alone we can expected our healing.
Believing Christian have the duty to investigate the powers behind the healing. A regular family doctor, surgeon and physiotherapy, 100% herbs, vaccinations we can accept as gifts from Gods, provides we seek God sincerely in it. But homeopathy, yoga, acupuncture, magnetism, iriscopy, etc., all find their source in eastern religion, astrology and powers of darkness and occultism. The believer must abstain far away from this alternative healing.
Seek in praying the cause of the sickness
Sickness is a consequence of the fracture between God and man, caused by the fall of sin. By the fall of sin, sickness entered into the world. We therefore must investigate what is the cause of a sickness.
First there is the explanation of every day illness such as the flu, a cold, sicknesses due to viruses, etc. And due to an accident.
Secondly, there is the real possibility of a sickness (or a hindrance of healing) if there is a (not confessed) sin present (see Gal. 6:7-8, 1 Cor. 11:30) or there is disobedience in the life of the believer. It is up to the believer to investigate and to ask to God, if this is the case.
Thirdly, sickness (and suffering) can have a purpose meant by God, think about Joni or the apostle Paul (My grace is sufficient for you 2 Cor. 12:9).
Fourthly, by the fall of man, death has entered into the world, and thereby the physical demolishing (and handicaps) in the earthly lives.
Fifthly, as chastisement, see Hebrew 12:16.

Chúng ta có được phép thực hành an tử không?

That is a hard question. Generally speaking, NO. BUT yes only in cases when mechanical equipment is keeping the person alive (like brain death), and the person would die when he had lived in a third world country. But not to end suffering, they are good painkillers (automatic morphine doses) and when it is sure that a person is going to die (as in the case of certain cancers), one can refrain from re-animation. Surely when death enters, when must not artificially stress the suffering. Each person ought to find peace with the Lord concerning this matter. A Biblical answer I am not able to provide. Life belongs to God.
Sometimes doctors stresses life too long. Personally I draw the line with a person in the third world. If a person in that area would die without the equipment in our area, I see no harm, after sincere praying and receiving peace from God, to stop any medical assistance and mechanical equipment and let the person go to Heaven in peace (providing you know the person is a Christian). Shortly I personally have no problems with passive euthanasia, but I am against active euthanasia. BUT everyone must find his/her peace with the Lord. Each situation is very differently and a general advice cannot be given. So, when you are against euthanasia, because you believe in that way, find your peace with God and let no one talk you out of it, no doctor, no human being, it is your personal relation with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Why all this suffering?
Well Gods ways are unsearchable and God has a purpose. Yes, that is hard to believe.
Jesus has suffered very severely too. First Jesus was lashed, and then hanged onto the Cross. A death at the Cross is not a fast one, it is a very painful death.

1 Peter 3:17 says: "For it is better to suffer for doing right, if that should be God's Will, than for doing wrong." 1 Peter 4:12-13 : "Beloved, do not be surprised at the first ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something strange were happening to you. But REJOICE in so far as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when His glory is revealed." 1 Peter 5:10 :"and after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, establish, and strengthen you."
Romans 8:18: For I am sure, that the present suffering does not outstand the present suffering of the future magnificence, that we be revealed to us.

2 Corinthians 11:24-29: The suffering of the apostle Paul

Also the apostles of Jesus Christ suffered a lot. The apostle Paul was lashed, thrown in prison with questioning, and chained for many years. Yes, sometimes God ask the believer to suffer for His sake. Let we try to explain why we are against euthanasia in principle. God is a righteous God, Who does not tolerate any sin. There is ONLY One Way to Heaven, in which Gods Love is revealed, namely through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Declines man Gods Love, which is revealed in Jesus Christ, then that person declines Gods Love and that person has also to accept all consequences of that rejection.
Through suffering a person might start looking for God, the more severe the suffering, the more man starts looking. When a person sees death coming, hopefully he / she starts to think of a life after death, if that might be a joyful one or a life full of pain, under the wrath of a God.

Gods Love reveals by giving that (unbelieving) person a taste for the life which is awaiting him/her in the lake of fire. But at the same time, God Love keeps that person alive to remorse from sin and to convert to God and to accept Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour. You might say, what if that person has never heard of the gospel. Well, I think that it is sufficiently (in that particular case) that the person remorse from sins and convert to God. God gives man the opportunity to convert to God and just at the moment that God is sure that the person most definitely does not wish, God will allow nature to take its course. When euthanasia is performed on such a person, then you send that person straight into the lake of fire, and you deprive his / her last chance to reconcile with God and to convert to Jesus Christ, and depriving his/her place in (entrance to) Heaven.

But what in cases of believers, who have accepted Jesus Christ personally as their Saviour? God is the Creator of Life, and life is in His Hands, (Gen. 45:7; Ex. 20:13, Num. 22:33, Joshua 14:10, 2 Sam. 1:4-16, Job 2; Psalm 16:7-11, Ps. 30, Ps. 104:29, Isaiah 38, Matt. 8:14-17, 9:18-26, Acts 5:1-11) and only He determines when a person enters Heaven (if people are not prolonged a person's life with machinery). No one has the right to interfere. We do not know why God lets a person alive (and to suffer). It might have different reasons, here some thoughts:

Chúng ta có được phép phá thai không?

Personally, do not think so. Presently there are good preservatives and the morning-after pill, which makes abortion unnecessary. Also after rape, the morning-after pill can be taken.
But what in cases of heredity? Well, I think then also not. One needs to consider beforehand if one accepts a handicapped child or not, before starting the pregnancy. But what abort the desire for children? There are so may homeless children in the world who yearn for a father and mother, that adoption is a very good alternative and might be Gods Will for your life. Read Psalm 139:13, 15-16 13 For thou didst form my inward parts, thou didst knit me together in my mother's womb. 15 my frame was not hidden from thee, when I was being made in secret, intricately wrought in the depths of the earth. 16 Thy eyes beheld my unformed substance; in thy book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. And Luke 1:40-42 and she entered the house of Zechari'ah and greeted Elizabeth. 41 And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit 42 and she exclaimed with a loud cry, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!

Life belongs to God. But everyone must find his/her peace in the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. Each individual person needs to talk it over with the Lord Jesus Christ in praying and come clean.

Own responsibility
The body of the believer is the temple (home) of the Holy Spirit, so the believer must treat his her body accordingly. Meaning good nourishment, refraining from drugs and smoking, moderate use of drinks (and so abstinence from drunkenness, which fact a Christian already does not decorate in front of unbelievers, sooner a contumely and mockery. Sufficient bodily exercise to keep the body in good physical condition and a good balance between work and family and social (family) contacts. A good night sleep is important for the body. Shortly, everyone knows his/her limitations and knows what he or she can do or not to let his/her body be a worthy dwelling place (home and temple) for the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price (The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ). So glorify God in your body.").
God has appointed man to rule the earth, over the fishes in the oceans, the birds in the sky and over all animals (Gen. 1:28). God did NOT appointed man to rule over man, He even gave rules how man should associate with other persons (see Ex. 20:12-17). God owns life of man and child (see also 2 Sam. 11:12-23).

But I did abortion, what do I do?

Well, this is only a matter between you and God. Something that is a fact, one cannot undo. God is love, He wishes to forgive you.
1 John 1:9 If you confess your sins, He is faithful and righteous, to forgive our sins and to purify us for all iniquities.
Psalm 103:12 As far as the East are apart from the West, so far he removes our transgressions.

Tặng thứ mười của bạn

Matthew 6:1-4

What does this mean?

Starting with Hebrew 7, Melchizedek, king of Salem is here representing the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Levi who hold the priesthood (like also the believers hold the priesthood), ought to rise a tenth from the people (Numbers 18:24-32), in order to support for their daily food. But, Levi too, had to give a tenth (of their tenth) to the High priest.
The community of believers ought to give a tenth of their income to the work of the Lord, in order to continue the work of Jesus Christ (proclaiming the gospel, forwarding missionaries, necessary equipment, traveling, etc.). Also those who proclaim the gospel are not dismissed to give their tenth to the High priest Jesus Christ.

Matthew 6 and Luke 18: But it is not the intention to show publicly how good we are in giving our tenth. God wishes us to provide secretly. The believer may determine him- herself to which persons and objects he / she gives.

Mark 12: Giving your tenth is a guide. The widow gave from her small income, her whole living. One can spare a lot, since he or she has a large income. Another has a family to keep by a small income. God is looking into the heart, not to the quantity.
Giving your tenth must happen with your heart, otherwise it is of NO VALUE to God, especially when it happens dutifully. God sees to the believer how he or she reacts when God person addresses him or her. Is the believer to sacrifice even when it hurts (in own pocket)?

Acts 2:45

So, must we sell our home when we possesses one? Are we not allowed to own a house?

We must be good commissioners. Renting a home can mean that we are spending more money in the long run, than buying a house, that becomes free after a 25-30 years (of rent). Everyone consult the Lord in this matter. At a certain moment, it might be better to stop redemption of the mortgage and continue by only paying interest, and giving the money that you free in that way to the work of the Lord. In any case, the believer must give heartily and honestly and hold nothing back from the Lord, see Acts 5:1-11.
In Acts 11 we read that every one contributes to what he is capable of.

Tin Mừng và Sứ Mệnh

Matthew 10:32-40

What does this mean?

When a believer has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour, the command is there to be a witness of Jesus Christ. That starts at home, but it might mean to leave your father and mother to proclaim the gospel in remote or dangerous area.

However it starts at home. It means first to proclaim at home, even if it means that your parents and family are turning against you. The Holy Spirit is your Assistance, so pray for the opportunities to tell the good news to your unbelieving inmates. Do this in the love of God, with patience, without forcing, for it remains their person choice and keep praying for their salvation and that they may accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour (and the Holy Spirit will continue to work and convince of their sins and need to forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ).

BUT, if the choice comes there to choose between leaving your home and denying your faith in Jesus Christ, then you have no other option then to leave your home. However, the good news does not end at home, that goes beyond: Your neighbours, your work, your environment up to the out-of-the-way corners of the world, wherever the Lord wishes to use you. That can be actively when the Lord give your boldness to proclaim the gospel, it can be passively by praying for unbelievers and actively by your Christian way of life.
Not everybody is call for a direct proclamation. However it might be worthwhile to try out with fellow-believers to proclaim the gospel from door-to-door in a neighbourhood where you are unknown, if God puts this unto your heart.
Sometimes you get the sudden opportunity at your work or environment to talk about Jesus Christ. What will you do, grape your change and shoot a prayer for boldness and that the Holy Spirit will give you the right words, OR keep still and fearful your mouth in order to maintain peace with the other person?
No, Christian life is not always easy. I envy those who has received so much boldness to proclaim the gospel anywhere and always seems to have the correct words. But remember that often behind such person is a group of believers (at home) who are praying continuously in prayer while this person is proclaiming the gospel.

But you too as believer can build up your faith by reading the Bible.
Yes, Gods Word, the Bible is not a easy Book. Start off by the New Testimony, and ask by praying that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you to understand what you are reading and that the Lord will show you what He wishes to say to you personally. Attend a Bible study and seek together during the Bible study to the meaning of Gods Word. There are many evangelic bookshops, even in your neighbourhood (look in the Yellow Pages for the addresses) where you can buy simple and good Bible commentaries. In that way, you acquire knowledge, improve your knowledge and do you learn more and more to answer questions from unbelievers and what the Lord Jesus Christ means to you personally.

Let God and the Holy Spirit guide you, where, when and how He wishes to use you to proclaim the gospel. And remember, the first steps are the most difficult ones (like a child who first tries to make its first steps, that goes with falling and standing up again). But remember, you are not going alone, the Lord Jesus Christ is with you and YOU HAVE received the Holy Spirit to assist you. BUT never go in your own strength, since then you WILL loose. Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (and jointed by fellow believers) and experience His strength and wonders, but also disappointment and sorrow will be your part. Many have gone the road. Some were ill-treated or spit upon, and no doubt you heard of missionaries who were killed. But also in the streets you can meet with an accident and get killed, so don't let it stop you. God's reward is great. That is His promise. But remember, everyone receives his or her gifts from God. One receives one talent (gift), others five and another one ten talents. Let everyone double his / her own talents, accordingly to the way the Lord has revealed to you. Good success! And go in the peace of the Lord and His strength!

Là Cơ-đốc nhân, bạn có thể áp dụng châm cứu không?

Acupuncture (needle treatment) Is founded upon the so-called Yang-Yin principle, and the hypothesis of the "five elements" of the 12 meridians and of Chi (life-energy). Illness is due to the harmony disturbance between Yang and Yin. Using needle treatment you are able to restore the harmony between Yang and Yin. According to this teaching, there are over 900 acupuncture points in the body. These acupuncture points are within the Yang-Yin roads, comparable with your blood vessels. The "life-energy"" circulates in the body within a 24-hour cycle, between the 12 meridians, which are symmetric, so as well as right and left they are present inside the body. At each side, six meridians, 6 Yin and 6 Yang, which have a two-hour maximum cycle. The main meridians take care of the energetically relation, through their branches, between the organs. Each meridian has its own routing. At a certain sick image, one is able to find the corresponding needle points and cure it or anaesthetize. Illness is just a disturbance between the twofold of the Yang (the positive male force) and the Yin (the negative female force). By bringing these out of balance, one can anaesthetize a person (painkiller) or cure by pricking and rubbing needles into the branches and connection points of the meridians in the human body.
The source of the acupuncture is Taoism. Taoism started in the fourth century before Christ and is based upon the metaphysics of the school of fortune-tellers with ascetic practices. Later on Taoism became loaded with magic and occult practices.

A deviation of the acupuncture is Shiatzu, a finger pressure massage.

What does this mean?
It may be clear that the teaching of Yang-Yin is not a Christian teaching. The Lord Jesus Christ is the life source for every believer, yes for all human beings. If man wishes to life in harmony with God the Father, then the ONLY way to Him is through believe in Jesus Christ.
Sickness is not a disturbance between the balance of Yang and Yin. Sickness is a result of the fall of man, the disturbed relationship between God and man. Sickness had entered the world with the fall of man and shall stay a normal phenomenon as long as man are living in a sinful body.
As Christians we definitely must say "NO" to acupuncture and most certainly the Christians not allowed to have any treatment of it.

Phật giáo là gì?

Eastern religions are quite popular nowadays, as well as Buddhism, Islam, mystic and Gnostic. After a period of atheism, one is fed up with the emptiness and one starts to look in the church, but the young does not find there the necessary kick. So one turns over to the very beautiful mosques and its propaganda that Islam and Buddhism is making. Be honest, one can buy enormous and beautiful Buddha images, one more beautiful than the other? One see something real in front of you. No mystic God far away in heaven, for Who you too first must confess that one is a sinner and that you are yourself unable to save. No, then a Buddha image in your living room, that gives a kick and atmosphere as well as you visitors can admire it and seduce. As if an image made by human hands is capable to provide any support.
However, the power behind the image, Satan, loves it that in this way he is able to withdrawn the young from Jesus Christ and them go together with him into the lake of fire for eternity.

BuddhaThe founder of Buddhism is Siddharto Gautama (=Buddha), son of a king in the Himalayan. In his marriage he found no satisfaction, so he ran away form his home, meeting two yoga teachers. He attempted to reach the divine, but unfortunately he could not reached it. Then he resorted to asceticism, denying himself all delights of life, including food and drinks. This almost brought him to death. So he thought there ought to be another way and seated in the Buddha position under a fig tree. Here he found the "SATAN": the view inside his former life and outgoing upon his former life. En 525 fundó su nueva religión: el budismo.
Among other things were yoga, reincarnation, karma (law of origin and result what you are at present, depends upon your past (former life) and what you will be at present), and self-salvation are included in Buddhism.

Hồi giáo là gì?

MoskeeMoskee2Islam comes from the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed was born around 570 in Mecca from a pagan race Quraish. The Quraish say that they originate through Ishmael from Abraham. Mohammed's father died at the birth-giving of Mohammed, and his mother died when he was at the age of 6. From his eighth, Mohammed was raised by his uncle, a traveling salesman, who took him along on his journeys. In this manner, Mohammed came into contact with Jews and Christians and their ceremonies.

Mohammed disliked the adoration of the several gods with were warship within his race. Mohammed was searching to quench his hungry heart for something, and most likely he studied the Jewish and Christian faith. Due to the wealth of his wife, Mohammed was able to concentrate more and more to meditation. At the age of 40, he received his first revelation, after which he proclaimed himself to be a prophet of God and that he had received his teaching from the angel Gabriel. Since then he devoted himself to proclaiming the Islam. God he called " Allah" to whom man is subjected to and Allah has no son, Jesus is a prophet, who was taken from the cross alive, and fully recovered after forty days traveled through Afghanistan and Kashmir. Jesus died a natural dead at the age of 120. On the day of final judgment, Allah will call for account of each human acts. When too light, then you go to Hellenism fire, when the human works are judged good, you enter paradise. Islam is a teaching of duties, what is forbidden and what you must do.

Every country in the world must be conquer and brought under the power of Allah, freely or by the sword.
Here lies the heart why Christianity NEVER can work together with Islam. In the Islam the Salvation through the Death at the Cross of Golgotha of the Jesus Christ is completely denied. Man comes in own power into heaven. While the Bible clearly teaches that the ONLY way to God and to eternal life in Heaven is by the recognition that one is a sinner and ONLY through faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins.

Characteristic is that the complete Koran is claimed by Mohammed. The first five Bible books are written by Moses and the remaining part of the Old Testament were written by several writers over five thousand years. All Biblical writers were inspired by the God's Spirit (Holy Spirit). Many facts are presently confirmed by the archaeological foundlings, which does not need to come as a surprise since the Bible is God's Word.
In the Koran are many verses that are similar to the Biblical verses, some are literally one to one. That is very surprisingly, when it is claimed that Mohammed has written it himself and upon dictation of the angel Gabriel. Here, we see clearly the influence of Mohammed's contacts with the Jewish and Christian communities.

Conclusion: The Islam has a human base and denies that Jesus Christ is the only way to God in Heaven. Man is capable in its own power, while the Bible clearly teaches that man is a sinner and the ONLY way to God is through the personal acceptance that Jesus Christ died for your sins.

Người theo đạo Thiên chúa có được tập yoga không?

In some churches and especially the Roman Catholic churches, one see that the eastern religion is entering with eastern meditations, among other yoga and acupuncture. Initially, yoga was only a gymnastic exercise to get a better bodily condition. But soon one continue with meditation: harmony, becoming-one with God. Thus soon appears that it is NOT simple bodily exercises. Yoga finds it origin in the Indian Hinduism. Any doubts? Ask the Christian from India!

Yoga concentrates upon It-Self, self-awareness, the Unseizeable God.

The foundation of yoga defines yoga as follows:

'Yoga is for thousand years an never failing system for bodily and spiritual relaxing. Yoga is the KEY to peace and happiness, to health and harmonic life. Yoga is probably the most valuable inheritance, who man share with and it is able, for those participating, to mean a radical change in life. Yoga is in essence a enormous total of things in the universe. The ultimate goal is: harmony, becoming-one with all, in all, in other words: becoming-one with God.. The consciousness is no more bounded to time and space, and one experiences this state as pure luck and complete peace. Only a few people will ever reach this goal in life, but those, who seriously practice yoga, will experience, that they get a deep insight in many vital questions. They learn to live from inner, their life might perhaps not become easier, but still more meaningful'.

Yoga has the following parts:

When one is ill, one has breath in too few prana. Yoga gives a symptom treatment and not a root treatment. Like an aspirin well drive dispel (sometimes temporarily) the pain (symptom), it does not cure the cause (the root).

It does not need any further comment: Yoga is complete based upon the inner human strength with one purpose: to become one with God. This is completely against the Biblical teaching, that teaches that the human flesh is weak and that man is a sinner. That man through works he /she might ever do of its own, is never capable to come into salvation. There is only one way to salvation, namely recognize that you do NOT have the power, recognize that you are a sinner, and believe that Jesus Christ died for YOUR sins at the Cross of Golgotha. Recognition of these facts is the only entrance to God's Kingdom. Man will NEVER become one with God. Never and never.
There is one Trinity, namely God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The believer will be delivered from his/her transitory human body at the Coming of Christ and receive a imperishable body with which he/she is capable to enter Heaven and have eternal life, delivered from a sinful body.
There in Heaven he/she can enjoy God's presence and face Him directly.

But those who declined God's grace in Jesus Christ, they will be judged and send to a place who original was ordained for Satan and his fallen angels, to eternal darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Đồng tính luyến ái và Kitô giáo

Romans 1:24-28

What does this mean?

God has created man and wife so that they within marriage can enjoy bodily intercourse. It is not the intention that a man enters his male genital into the anus of another man. That is a horror (abomination) in God's eyes! Shall man/woman has a homosexual nature, then he/she can turn to God and come clean with God. In all cases, the man/woman shall abstain from having bodily contact with other man/woman, in that Romans 1:24-28 is very clear.

In fact, we read in Romans that homosexuality is a punishment of God, because man willfully have given himself up to all that arises God's wrath, committing shameless acts, futile in their thinking, giving themselves up into sins and trespassing all God commands and what He has forbidden.

God is Love, and by Him is forgiveness possible in the Lord Jesus Christ. Should a person be homosexual, then he/she must abstain from bodily contact with the same sexes and in prayer with God become clean and seek God's guidance in this matter. God's Love will help the believer, who is seriously seeking God, to remove the homosexual nature and change it into a hereto nature. Since God's purpose of sexual intercourse is to procreate children, and not pure for pleasure.
One who is a Homo, shall in all sincerity ask God to change his / her nature into a hereto nature, then the Lord will grant him / her the request. Sometimes not directly, because God might test the sincerity of the believer, looking straight into the believers heart for sincerity.

Cơ đốc nhân có thể sử dụng phương pháp vi lượng đồng căn không?

Homeopathy (nature-cure, that is not a cure from herbs and 100% nature product) comes from Sam Hahnemann (1755-1843) raised from several occult sources:

  1. Hahnemann was from his twentieth a Free-Mason, influenced by Hiprocrates (occultism in iriscopy, hand-reading and horoscopes). In the nature-cure, man and cosmos are related to each other. Through this world-man image, nature is the gen set, accordingly to Hiprocrates (among other through blood-letting).
  2. Hahnemann was under the influence of the occultist Paraselsus.
  3. Hahnemann backed Memer, who worked out magnetism (cure).
  4. Hahnemann was influenced by Schelling, the philosophy that beyond matter (body of the human race) is the supernatural energy.

Homeopathy is based upon the thought that you introduces into a plant (medicine) energy by shaking or rubbing and worshipping ghosts (demons). One takes 1 gram of a plant plus 9 gram dilution, after that one shakes in ten times downwards in a certain rhythm, so entering the energy. For this reason, all homeopathy medicines must be diluted and shaken!

In principle, homeopathy medicines are based upon three categories of the human sickness (psyche): wrath, fear and pride.

What does this mean?

This means that the believer must keep a very good safe distance from homeopathy medicines. How products are made, one does not know. This can be under worshiping of demons and occult rituals. Homeopathy, iriscopy, magnetism, etc. all are based upon the disturbed balance between (supernatural) energy and the human body, which needs to take care of.

The Bible teaches that through the fall of man, the relation between God and man is disturbed, therefore sin entered the world and with it illness and death. Sickness is so a normal case in this sinful world.
There is only one Healer, namely Jesus Christ, by believing in Him, the sinful man will receive a new body after death (in Heaven) free from illnesses.
As long as man is living on earth, he/she will encounter sickness, varying from flu, coldness, rheum, cancer, disability, etc. God however did not left man upon fate: there are doctors, medical assistance (such as artificial legs), operations, healing herbs (100% pure), vaccines, etc. But the believer must ALWAYS seek for his/her recovery the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of healing!

Người theo đạo Thiên chúa có thể đọc tử vi không?

1 Samuel 28:6-16

What does this mean?

HoroscopeThe Christian has received the Holy Spirit when he/she was born-again (when he/she accepted Jesus Christ that He had died for his / her sins at the Cross of Golgotha). The believer seeks through prayer his/her road in life, and let God guide his/her life. Sometimes God sends a direct message and reveals directly which road the believer must walk on. That is which steps he/she must take for the future. Sometimes God's answer takes a long waiting period and the believer should continue to walk (in complete peace) on the presence road, until the Lord shows His Will. And that can sometimes be very hard to wait for His Revelation (Will).
But the believer must by no means use subjects that are not of God, that is tempting enemies. God did not wish to reveal His Will to Saul concerning Saul's future. In first instance, Saul had done well, namely to kill all mediums and wizards. He had wiped out the evil. Now in his despair and impatience, he is visiting the evil. And how, in darkness, disguised and till great shame he even swore by the Lord.
The believer must only in prayer seek the Lord's Will for his/her life, and abstain from reading horoscopes (passive by reading horoscopes in newspapers and other magazines, as well as active by getting a personal horoscope). But this is not only valid for horoscopes, also the believer must abstain from anything similar (such as iriscopy). It is the duty of the believer to check the spirits, since there are many false spirits, who address themselves as spirits of God. Be careful and be aware!
Often we do what we desire ourselves and misguide ourselves by thinking we are guided by God's spirits. The Holy Spirit, Who lives in the believer (1 Corinthians 3:16) Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?) wishes to guide you, but we must provide the necessary space for the Holy Spirit to guide you and to distinguish between good and evil.
When the believer starts to do things, from which he/she knows that is evil (wrong), then the believer hinders the work of the Holy Spirit and extinguish the Holy Spirit in the end. Only to distance yourself and abstaining from the evil and to confess sins, the believer can enter into relationship with God again and the Holy Spirit will continue His work.

Sống chung hay kết hôn?

Ephesians 5:31-32

What does this mean?

From the moment that a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, they are married for God and no separation must take place, zie Genesis 24:67 and 1 Cor. 6:16. So if no separation is allowed, why not marry first for God (in the church)?
God asks the believer to practice self-control and to live a life in honour of Him.
In our present society, we are so busy that we hardly have time nor take the time to get to know one another. One falls in love, and get soon married without knowing each other very well, which often results in a divorce.
It may not do any harm, when both have a busy job, to go to live together under one roof, but sleep in separate rooms. Providing each one has sufficient self-control. Evenings and nights are tempting, especially romantic evenings (under the moon). Still Satan is luring, and the temptation is great to get intimate and have intercourse.
Certainly for young people my advice is, take your time, and do not go to live together. Keep God's Word and His Will in honour, respect God! And remember Paul's word in 1 Corinthians 8-9: To the unmarred and widows I say that is well for them to remain single as I do. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion.

Tôi đã phạm tội rồi, làm sao bây giờ?

John 8:3-11

What does this mean?

Believers sin sometimes unconscious, out of ignorance. With Jesus Christ, forgiveness is always possible. Sometimes the believer is not aware what is beyond a certain teaching, meditation or practice. One does not know the ideas behind and practices beyond it. Of course that is a pity and especially in this 21-century we will be confronted over and over again with these (occult and satanic) things. Therefore a believer must live very consensus and investigate things, before he or she starts something unfamiliar.
Unavoidable one not always gets behind the truth, people are laying (especially when they know that you are a Christian). But as soon as when has discovered the truth, the believer must confess guilt (sin) and ask for forgiveness with the Lord Jesus Christ, and of course break and stop with the practices. Unfortunately even in some churches yoga and acupuncture are recommended. Ignorance is very great. Satan is everywhere. More and more, we enter the final time and towards the Coming of the Lord, therefore the influence and temptation of Satan will increase. Satan fights very hard to keep people from Jesus Christ and sneak in various ways into churches and individual believers to attempt him or her towards sin and to cause a fracture with Christ.

The believer can ALWAYS return to Jesus Christ, repent and confess sin with Jesus Christ. But pay attention to the last sentence (John 8:11): Go, and do not sin again! So it is not a permit to continue to sin. So no permit to continue to practice acupuncture, yoga, read horoscopes, etc.!